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Slovenian hosting providers with PHP 7

PHP 7 has been released months ago. Increased performance makes upgrading a really attractive option. Some of us still remember the long transition that took place when PHP 5 has been released. That’s why it was interesting to see state of PHP 7 support today. I posted an email to the most popular shared hosting providers in Slovenia. I asked them about state of PHP support and their decision making process.

Most of them agree that decision making about upgrading software versions in based on customer demand and on compatibility with the sites they host. Among mentioned criteria was also support for particular PHP version in control panels (for example cPanel) and Linux distributions they use. Most of them allow customers to switch between versions themselves.

This is the list of hosting providers in Slovenia which provide PHP 7 support:

These are without PHP 7 support:

Please note that criteria for including each provider in the survey was it’s position on Google. Thus it’s probable that there are more hosting providers without PHP 7 support.