Full-stack software engineer. Mainly working on B2B web apps for managing data about physical infrastructure to enable predictive maintenance. Experienced with prototyping and starting projects from ground up. My specialty is displaying and working with giant data sets in your web browser. Capable of working with companies whose main industry isn’t software by advising them on good software development practices.

Also a powerlifter (-75kg. 145kg squat, 100kg bench-press, 180kg deadlift).

Three tips for faster bulk inserts into a PostgreSQL database

2 minute read Published:

Disabling fsync, removing indices and using pgcopy will significantly speed up the import of data

Tens of gigabytes of data. An amount that doesn’t quite fit into an Excel spreadsheet but doesn’t warrant the use of big data tools like Hadoop either. PostgreSQL can easily handle this volume. This post is about speeding up the initial import of a large number of rows.

Seriously bad advice about SSL errors in Python and a better fix

3 minute read Published:

This is a post about fixing certificate verify failed error in Python without compromising security of your code. Don’t blindly follow suggestions on the internet because some suggested solutions can have serious unintended consequences.

Why the shattered dream of the free internet is good?

4 minute read Published:

When I was in my teens, the internet was a symbol of opportunity for me. In the physical world, we always lacked money. Parents sacrificed a lot to build a house. The jobs available to them were not great because of their education. We lived in a village, where everything seemed so backward to me. I was battling this internal fight with the environment around me. My father appreciated physical work and couldn’t see the point of computers.