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Full stack developer


I’m a senior full stack developer with years of experience with PHP and Javascript. My proudest achievement so far is work on measurement analytics application which consists of both 3D renderer in the browser and accompanying software on the server. I wrote first line of code in 2003, had my first game published in 2009, graduated from physics in 2015 and now I’m programming full-time. When not in front of the screen, you can find me behind a camera, on a bike, in mountains or in a gym.

Currently I’m mostly coding in Javascript and PHP while heavily (ab)using Symfony2 and AngularJS.

Below you can find a full list of technologies I’ve experimented with.



  • 3DS Max
  • Apache HTTPD
  • CasperJS
  • Chef
  • Doctrine ORM
  • Drupal
  • Docker
  • Elasticsearch
  • Facebook API
  • GIT
  • Google Maps
  • GStreamer
  • H5BP
  • jQuery
  • Linux
  • Managed DirectX
  • Mono
  • MySQL
  • .NET Framework
  • OpenGL
  • (Adobe) Photoshop
  • PhantomJS
  • Premiere
  • Qt4
  • Require.js
  • Smarty
  • Subversion
  • Symfony Framework
  • THREE.js
  • Tomato Firmware
  • (Microsoft) Windows
  • WordPress
  • WebGL
  • XML
  • Zend Framework
  • WebGL

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