Seriously bad advice about SSL errors in Python and a better fix

3 minute read Published:

This is a post about fixing certificate verify failed error in Python without compromising security of your code. Don’t blindly follow suggestions on the internet because some suggested solutions can have serious unintended consequences.

Standardizing HTTP API testing

4 minute read Published:

This blog post is actually a draft for a standard operating procedure for my software development and consulting business. I’ve come across the task of writing tests for HTTP APIs for three or four times in the last couple of months. I’ve tried multiple ways of writing automated tests and this is the method I’ve converged on. TypeScript, Jest, and supertest appear to work well together and are sufficient to implement concise tests.

Uncomfortable, but great decision

2 minute read Published:

You are reading a success story of avoiding premature optimization. I had to design an API for a service that receives some geographical data and returns the same data with additional information for each point of interest.