These Lightroom Tools Will Ruin Your Timelapse

3 minute read Published:

Lightroom is a Swiss knife for RAW files from a camera. When I come home from a shoot, I start Lightroom, import SD card contents, and edit the photos. For most photos, Lightroom will be the only piece of software sitting between a camera and the finished product. Timelapses are different. The end goal is to stitch individual shots into a video. For that part, I settled on using Adobe After Effects. Its features span all the way from simple cutting to advanced color enhancement. In lieu of feature overlap between After Effects and Lightroom, we must decide which corrections to postpone to the video part of the workflow.

Learning the Hard Way: A Story of 3 Shutterstock Rejections

2 minute read Published:

I find photography a very relaxing hobby. It leads me to seek beautiful landscapes, wake up before sunrise, climb hills, and visit locations I wouldn’t bother with otherwise. This hobby ain’t cheap though. To offset the cost of the camera and the lens I signed up as a creator for Shutterstock. So far this made me richer by $0 dollars and some wisdom. Here are 3 rejected photos, and the reasons.