On Schedule Frontend Development

4 minute read Published:

My dream project makes me happy because we’re solving an important problem for our customers. To stay best in class we heavily rely on tooling. Automation lets us focus our brainpower on hard challenges. We reliably ship improvements and features, as multiple automatic safety nets catch problems in the product before a human touches the new version. The stakeholders are happy, as our progress is steady and predictable. Am I wearing pink glasses? Maybe. Let’s take a look at some tools to help us close the gap between the dream and reality.

Pareto meets Vim

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It was at the JSDayES conference at Madrid where substack (James Halliday) coded on the stage of the big auditorium. The lines and words were changing quicker than I was used to. He wasn’t editing code character-by-character. Whole statements, lines, and blocks were moving around. Editing code like that looked magical to me. We weren’t watching a recording. It was Vim that was the secret sauce. How does one become a Vim wizard without being intimidated by the superpowers?