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This week in climbing: 01/2022

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Summary of my week in climbing: January 3rd - January 9th. Climbing lessons The exercise is simple. Put a short piece of rope (20-40cm) on top of each shoe and climb a route without any piece of rope falling off. There are more variations to this exercise. Pieces of rope can be replaced with coins or hacky sacks. Maintaining those pieces of rope on top of shoes requires extremely controlled feet movement.

Climbing lessons debrief: Flags

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This is a debrief from last week’s climbing technique lessons. Lesson 7 Goals: Extend the warm-up with muscle activation circuit: 5 push-ups, 3-5 pull-ups, and a 10-second hang (straight arms, activated shoulders!). Repeat the circuit 3 times. Negate a barn door by utilizing a back flag Observations: The warm-up: When warming up, the hang board is not the appropriate place to do the hangs. Find something more substantial to hold on to, for example, a couple of nice jugs or a pull-up bar.

Climbing lessons debrief: Adrenaline Rush

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This is a debrief from this week’s climbing lessons. I’m taking a course on belaying when lead climbing and a course in climbing technique. This week I took the fourth (and final) lesson in belaying (lead) and the third one in climbing technique. Course: Belaying - Lead Climbing Lesson 4 Goal: Learn to fall and catch falls as a belayer safely and comfortably. Observations: This lesson is well suited for all the adrenaline junkies out there.